It was lockdown on the Isle of Wight, and everyone had to stay in their homes to avoid catching or spreading the nasty virus that was threatening the world.  Stevie was sad because no-one came to visit him anymore.  The beach was empty, there were only a handful of people hurrying along to get their exercise and walk their dogs, and no museum staff to sneak him treats when Manager Martin wasn’t looking!

Stevie learned that the virus didn’t affect animals and so he decided that he wanted to do something useful to help.

When Martin came to give him his daily food, Stevie asked him what sort of things he could do to help in these difficult and strange times.  Martin told him that old people were at high risk of catching the virus and weren’t allowed to leave their homes for 12 weeks, and they couldn’t even get to the shops.  This gave Stevie an idea.

Stevie went to the local supermarket and talked to the manager. There were lots of people that worked in the store, who were able to choose food for the old people and package them up, but found it tricky to deliver to them, as there just wasn’t enough drivers or lorries to go round. When Stevie explained his plan to them, they were very pleased and thought it was a great idea.

Every day Stevie visited the supermarket.  Once the shopping had been done and bagged up the shop assistants would hang the bags over Stevie’s plates all along his back.  He was a big dinosaur and had 2 rows of plates that went from his neck to his tail, so he could carry lots of bags at one time. When he was “full”, he trundled all around town, knocking on the doors of the old people and delivering their food to them.

The old people were stuck in their houses all day, and as if this wasn’t bad enough, they were very lonely too.  They loved Stevie coming around. Not only did they get their shopping, so they could eat, but they also got to have a stroke and cuddle with Stevie, and he cheered them up no end. Stevie was just happy to help; he also liked the extra treats he was being given from everyone!

Stevie wonders if you have you made sure your neighbours are OK?

He also thinks we are very very lucky to have so many helpful people working in the shops, whatever would we do without them?